About Us

Embracive Music originally started as a small project known as Embrasive Dance, however over the years the idea has changed and expanded into a worldwide music community and recording label. Today Embracive Music is still growing day by day and aims to promote music minded people in all genres of music.



Embracive Music is not just a recording label or promotional company, we are also a community and aim to establish closer connections between artists and their fans. Embracive Music is always looking for new acts, send any demos into us via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The ideas behind Embracive Music originally started off as The Embrasive Dance Project back in 2006/2007, however back then the idea was just starting to come to play and was a spin off project of Dark Force Productions which was aimed only at hard dance music. Dark Force Productions however was the successor of Voltage The Revolution which was started between 2004-2006 which was a similar project but was focused towards Spanish Makina & UK Hardcore music. Within these years an internet radio was launched known as Voltage Live which allowed a basic stream to be carried worldwide, where DJs could perform.

Embracive Music today is the evolution of The Embrasive Dance Project and aims to work with all genres of music and provide a platform in which emerging artists can gain promotion as well as a chance at being part of a recording project.



As providing a platform for emerging artists to gain exposure, we have gained the capability to provide web hosting which will give an artist a professional look and YouTube views. With a website an artist can establish themselves professionally as well as create their own stores to sell their products from music to merchandise such as T-Shirts, posters and other cool things. We now also provide YouTube view services which are all unique and views by humans, this uses a linking system on social networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter and other sources to quickly boost your rankings on your videos, making it easy to find your content on YouTube. We offer various subscription packages to become part of our new sister label called Emerging Records, which allows anyone to have their music released on stores such as I-Tunes, Amazon & more, these packages come with web space.


The Label

The label known as Embracive Music Records was started in August 2010 with its first release on I-Tunes, featuring a track called Blinded By The Darkness featuring Danny Digital & Lee Jay. For a couple of months Danny Digital released a few dance tracks such as Be You & Unity, however Danny doesn’t work much on he’s own productions but now focuses on developing Embracive Music itself which he created. As time rolled on to late 2010 Embracive Music discovered Angie Star and decided she could be the next big thing and started to work with her. In January 2011 Angie Star released her first debut single Butterflies, which was the first track to start her musical journey which led to hit after hit. Now in 2012 Embracive Music is looking for acts for their main label and is also offering those who aren’t quite ready for a major record deal, but want a shot at being a developing artist which gave birth to its sister label Emerging Records. Both labels deliver to top online stores such as I-Tunes, Amazon, HMV Digital and many more stores depending on genre, but as Embracive Music grows they will be starting to release music onto CD and some Vinyl releases for the vinyl enthusiasts out there.



Embracive Radio was started in early 2010 and featured DJs such as Danny Digital, DJ Knight, Calvin Garner, Peter Williams and more. The radio was the successor of Voltage Live Internet Radio & the brief existence of Dark Force Radio. Embracive Radio was fully licensed by PRS For Music, so this allowed for main stream music to be played from Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and many more favourites. However in early 2011 due to lack of funds, Embracive Radio was taken offline. On the bright side however the radio will be returning soon to entertain all and promote emerging and established artists.


Contact Us

If you are interested in being part of Embracive Music or would like to know more feel free to contact us via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.